Farming and Agricultural Insurance

Farming and agricultural insurance made easy.

Any business operating in the farming, agricultural or horticultural industry will understand risks and hazards better than most. From fires to adverse weather conditions, to issues with goods in transit – there are a lot of factors that need to work in your favour to ensure your supply-chain remains intact.

So, when it comes to farming and agricultural insurance (also known as horticultural insurance) it’s perfectly clear that a standard, generic insurance plan will not suffice. This is because your business insurance needs to be able to react to the unique intricacies of your industry. What’s more, your insurance plan also needs to pay out in the event of any claim, and this is much more likely when you have a specialist farming and agricultural insurance plan in place.

Putting farmers and farm owners in control.
Whether your business produces flowers, fruit, vegetables, or other crops – Horti Plan has a wide range of benefits to cover all eventualities.

Our policy is provided on a full “all risks” basis, so whatever the peril, you will always feel protected and safe. Furthermore, we have teamed up with top quality local Insurers to provide you with this unique, competitively-priced policy, which is designed around your unique operations.