Landlord insurance for both residential and commercial properties.

Philmark Premier Policy is one of the leading landlord insurance policies available in the marketplace. The true beauty of the product lies in its flexibility. It covers residential landlords with just one property right through to those landlords with extensive residential property portfolios.

What’s more, it also covers commercial properties including factories and office blocks. This is one of the main reasons why Philmark has become the go-to product in the landlord insurance sector, as all types of properties can be covered with one single purchase.

Landlord insurance that you can truly trust
With years experience in the insurance sector, Philmark Insurance is a name that is trusted and relied upon by clients all across East Africa. We are underwritten locally but come with internationally recognised policy wordings. This means our landlords get the best of both worlds; local claims knowledge combined with attractive features and benefits.

Whatever type of property – we have the solution
Whether you own a house, office block, factory, warehouse, or a mixture of properties, you can rest easy knowing JWS Premier Property Choice will fit the bill.

As you would expect from a policy backed by Philmark, it includes full all-risks, loss of rent and standard liability cover. In addition, there are a host of other benefits which are designed to give landlords full reassurance and peace of mind 24/7:

A comprehensive package policy, avoiding the need to have separate covers in place.
Includes options to cover buildings, landlords contents, loss of rental income, WIBA, employers and property owners liability and engineering breakdown.
Cover is not restricted to fire and local perils – as the policy is on a full ‘all-risks’ basis, you can be sure it is the widest cover available.
Impact by own vehicles, riot, civil commotion, subsidence, and accidental damage all included as standard.
Breakdown cover available for machinery (including lifts and generators).
Insured locally, with extremely competitive international wording and rating.
A one-stop-solution for all your property owner/landlord risks.