Life Insurance

Helping you to safeguard the finances of your family or business.

Life insurance or life cover is one of the most important insurance products available today. This is because it helps to safeguard the finances of your family (if bought as a personal product) or your business (if bought as a company product) in the event of death.

Life cover is readily and easily accessible in the marketplace. It’s also a relatively low-cost product and as a result, many people make a hasty decision when choosing their life insurance policy. The reality, however, is that the devil is in the detail and it’s well worth taking the time to review the finer details of the policy.

Comprehensive, reliable, and affordable life cover.
When purchasing a life insurance policy, the most important decision to make is the level of cover required. This is the lump-sum payment that will be made by the insurer on the death of the policyholder. Once you have decided how much cover you need, it’s wise to purchase through a reputable insurer. So, if the unthinkable does happen, you won’t have the added stress and turmoil of your life insurance policy not paying out.

At Philmark Insurance, we have been advising clients on their life insurance provision for years. We offer a range of high-quality life plans and also offer our products which are simple, easy to set-up and it doesn’t require a medical examination (up to a certain amount) – this is why it’s our most popular life insurance product.

Life insurance for companies.
Life insurance for business owners is an excellent asset that can be utilised for many eventualities. Having the right insurance in place could make the difference between your business surviving or going under.

Group Life:
Group Life supplies each employee with their own life insurance policy, ensuring that in the event of their death their family and loved ones are taken care of.

A key advantage of group life insurance for businesses is that the group members can get coverage at a lower rate than if they bought an individual policy. It is viewed by employees as a valuable benefit and helps to reward and motivate staff, thus improving productivity and retention.

Key Person Insurance (Key Man Insurance):
Key Person cover is life insurance that a company purchases as protection against the death of an employee whose contribution to the business is critical. This could either be a business owner or a key employee, whose immediate absence through death would have a negative impact on the business.

Key Person Insurance helps your business to cover the financial losses, such as hiring a replacement, making up any losses incurred or paying off debts or severance packages if the business needs to close. Fundamentally it ensures that business can continue uninterrupted and that all the employees who depend on the business have a secure future.

Buy- Sell agreements:
If you have a business partner, you may want to consider purchasing a buy/sell agreement. In this arrangement, you and your business partner will own policies covering each other’s lives. If the first business partner passes away, the other receives a death benefit that can be used to buy the remaining half of the business. This results in a cash payment to the deceased’s family, as well as security for your business to continue operating without any external influence.