Special Risks

Special risks insurance with a special array of benefits.

Special risks insurance (also known as specialist risks insurance) is not designed for everyone. The product has a diverse and intricate range of benefits which cover some extreme incidents and scenarios. This is the main reason why it’s often purchased by forward-thinking, proactive, and instinctive companies, who like to leave no stone unturned when it comes to their entire insurance risk provision.

Special risks insurance that covers all bases.
Philmark provides businesses with a security consultancy response combined with financial protection. This flexible, robust, and cost-effective special risks plan provides businesses with the reassurance that comes from having a world-class response mechanism available to you when you need it most.

There are many potential risks to your business including organised criminals, terrorists, hostile ex-employees, corrupt local officials, or competitors seeking to harm your business. Security threats can come from anywhere and often when least expected. This is where Philmark Special Risks kicks-in. From routine callouts to emergencies to catastrophes – it’s vital that your specialist risks insurance is fit for purpose.

Philmark Special Risks comprises four cover options. You can choose any or all of the options depending on your requirements. Of course, the full range of benefits is only available when you opt for them:

  • Security risk cover (covering the costs of a risk or security company response to a wide range of incidents and scenarios)
  • 24-hour personal accident cover (worldwide)
  • Emergency political repatriation (getting you and your employees safely home)
  • Kidnap and ransom (including expert advice and reimbursement of cash or marketable goods & services which have been surrendered.